Crazy Radio

To quote my 18 year old self:

“If you’re not a little bit crazy, there’s something wrong with you.”

I’m not talking about mental illness, which is a serious ailment that needs to be treated as earnestly as any disease of the body.

No, I’m just talking about those who colour outside the lines, dance to a different beat, think outside the box, etc.The definition of the word crazy differs from every person’s perspective, but also in the context it is used.

In respect to artists, I think what’s important is to not allow that freedom of thought to escape you and keep the creativity flowing even if it’s not that good, or not commercial enough to sell, or looked upon as crazy. We are so hung up on money, that we’ve closed our colourful spectrum of imagination for fear that we will be seenĀ as too abnormal.

Go crazy and let your mind soar!

Go to the podcast my husband and I have recorded about songs that deal with that word “crazy”:



A Shameless Topical Storm Ad

There are so many songs that we associate with weddings and marriage, but my husband and I came up with a short list of tunes that pertain to this subject. I bet there are songs that you would NEVER have chosen, some that are obvious to you and a few that you would strongly agree to having made the list.

We didn’t stop there though; we also had a few things to say about this topic of formalized unions on our radio show. We also threw in a couple of movie sound bites and our personal marriage advice.

Check us out – your relationship depends on it!