Be Prepared

Watching The Walking Dead has reminded me to be ready for any emergency that may occur. I have to consider the equipment and food supplies I might need to have on hand as well as considering the people with whom I trust most to share space and resources. There’s one other aspect that continues to run through the series and I’ve mentioned in a previous blog: the show forces me to examine my own conscious and determine what kind of person I really am. Am I someone who will strive to survive and do what it takes to keep myself at the top of priorities no matter who it hurts, like Merle, or will I uphold a righteous personality and help the weak and needy, like Rick?

This second week of Advent we light the candle that represents PREPARATION. Not much unlike a zombie apocalypse, I need to prepare for the coming of Jesus Christ. Am I living a life of love and peace now or do I think I can wait for my soul to be tested before I begin living as God has asked us? Why wait for a zombie outbreak, or a visit by three ghosts, or my death bed when I can be living as I should today? Am I prepared to meet my maker?

Hmm. Heavy stuff. Yet, this type of reflection is makes my vision much clearer and gives me strength in knowing who I am in order to move forward in this sometimes seemingly scary life.