Just Dance

Nothing can rejuvenate me more than dancing.

Music alone can alter one’s mood, but moving yourself to the rhythm and feel of the song forces you to use your mind body and soul at the same time.

Dance has been carried on through time and has had its many uses in tribes and rituals. I’m not going to go on about the history of dance or how dancing is the new way to exercise, but I will urge you to get your groove on for the sake of harmony.

When you dance you can convoke ancestors from long ago and far away and know that you have all shared that same energy, air and movement on the same planet.

The only way to be part of the force that has lived in humans for so long is if you…




Be The Bringer Of Joy

The third candle of Advent is lit this week to represent JOY!

Many work hard at achieving monetary gains, higher status in the workplace, being popular and filling in every moment of the day with tasks. How many of us work at finding joy in everything we do?

It’s easy to be jolly when someone cracks a joke or when your favourite song is playing, but can you find joy when things are not going your way? Can you be happy when you’re in physical pain or psychological anguish? Finding contentment and bliss during these trying times takes work.

Here’s some hints on how to find cheer when you need it most:

  1. Have a strong faith. Belief in a greater good will boost your brain and drag you out of self pity.
  2. Do something that energizes you. We all have those things that makes our skin tingle and our souls want to dance. It could be watching movies, going for a jog, listening to your favourite tunes, gardening or climbing a tree. Whatever it is, DO it!
  3. Remind your support group to bring smiles only! Don’t let well-intentioned family and friends bring you down. Tell them you need only good news at a time like this.
  4. Most importantly, think of this list daily so when you most need joy in your life you will naturally refer to these steps.

Joy is contagious so carry it with you where ever you go and spread it around. I’ve never heard anyone complain about being too happy!

Buyer Beware

We’re all well aware of the different types of bullies: the school kid that teases and shoves, the office worker that pretends to be your best friend then gossips about you while stealing all your ideas, and the sibling that makes you believe that every thought of yours is dumb-ass.

How about the advertising bullies? Those seductive, word-spinning sneaks! They make you believe that you are worthless without their product. At Christmas time it’s the parents they prey on; sending every mom and dad on a guilt trip making them believe they are less of a parent if their kid is the only one without (insert item here).

As a parent, I know my kids don’t have everything their friends have, but when they do receive a gift, no matter the monetary value, they appreciate it. This will separate them from the rest of their “generation entitlement”.

I urge parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles and friends who buy for children to not be suckered into believing that it is the materials that make the child. Listen to the ads and determine if and how it’s a genius, overpaid bully that’s taking shoving to the next level.


Slow Down! After all, You Only Live Once.

Everyone I encounter has the same complaint: “I’m tired.” Then they begin to list a number of things they have going on that keeps them from getting any rest. Most of the stuff on that list can be slashed, but it’s a choice.

Even if you get 8 hours of sleep at night, if you’re stressed out and running around from one place to another, that need for peaceful rest will cry out sometimes in the form of body aches a deficient immune system, or an inexplicable sense of severe anxiety.

I implore you to block out some time to put your feet up and watch a movie or read a book with a warm drink to sip by your side. You need to give yourself a break – not once a year by going on trips, or once a month when you go out to see a movie. You must find a way to bring peace and relaxation into your life on a daily basis. In the end, all your efforts will be in vain if you don’t care for yourself. YOLO.

If you won’t listen to me, maybe you’ll listen to Serena Ryder:

Black Friday Rant

I know how to save you 100% off the original price.

Don’t buy CRAP you don’t need!

Oh, but we need a newer, bigger t.v., you say. Well, having a wider screen will not help you better understand the plot. It may, however, help you count the flies on that starving child in the commercials that beg for money to help those who are literally dying for the basic necessities of life.

How about Christmas gifts that I have to buy anyway, you rebut. I can guarantee that most of those people you buy for already have all their needs and most of their wants.

I know, I’m too much. It’s just that it’s very difficult for me to turn a blind eye to the needy individuals that are not only apparent in other countries, but who are often our painfully shy neighbours.

I just ask that you don’t purchase stuff for the sake of a sale, don’t step on your mother to get the last “it” doll of the season, and don’t, for the sake of human dignity, worship the golden calf.

Look Past Your Nose and Gain A New Perspective

I love watching this video:

The universe is mind-blowingly immense!

Science has allowed us to see beyond our planet and solar system and in doing so we have answers to some astronomical questions we may have had. Searching beyond Earth to seek out all that makes up the universe really makes sense on so many levels.

I don’t doubt that there is more to us humans that we have yet to discover. When there is a news story or a piece of gossip, there’s usually more than what we are hearing. When someone seems to believe they know it all, we know that there is so much more they need to learn. Nothing really ever is as it appears to our initial physical senses. I think that’s what makes us human.

We may not have the all the answers, but perhaps what we should concentrate on are the questions. Is there anything bigger than a Red Hypergiant? What really happens when we die? And, who really stole the cookie from the cookie jar?



Find Your Best Self

When I’m feeling ill, I mean pitifully sick for a long period of time, it’s hard to believe that I’ll ever feel well again. I try to remember that I am more than a physical being, but bodily pain can begin to swallow up your mind and soul if you’re not careful. This is why torture exists –  to break down an individual’s wholeness piece by piece.

Music is one of the ways to meditate and lift the spirits and forget the troubles your body is undergoing. There are many songs that I enjoy, and everyone has their own flavours of music that they gravitate toward. There is one song, however, that I’ve danced to a number of times when I’ve felt so healthy that I felt like I was flying. When I listen to that song, I can recall that sensational feeling and it fills me with hope that my health will be restored and I’ll fly again.

I never take my health for granted. I never take music for granted.

When you’re feeling good, do something powerfully beautiful that you can store in your brain and call upon when needed. Find your best self when you’re at you’re at your worst.