Crazy Radio

To quote my 18 year old self:

“If you’re not a little bit crazy, there’s something wrong with you.”

I’m not talking about mental illness, which is a serious ailment that needs to be treated as earnestly as any disease of the body.

No, I’m just talking about those who colour outside the lines, dance to a different beat, think outside the box, etc.The definition of the word crazy differs from every person’s perspective, but also in the context it is used.

In respect to artists, I think what’s important is to not allow that freedom of thought to escape you and keep the creativity flowing even if it’s not that good, or not commercial enough to sell, or looked upon as crazy. We are so hung up on money, that we’ve closed our colourful spectrum of imagination for fear that we will be seenĀ as too abnormal.

Go crazy and let your mind soar!

Go to the podcast my husband and I have recorded about songs that deal with that word “crazy”:



Just Dance

Nothing can rejuvenate me more than dancing.

Music alone can alter one’s mood, but moving yourself to the rhythm and feel of the song forces you to use your mind body and soul at the same time.

Dance has been carried on through time and has had its many uses in tribes and rituals. I’m not going to go on about the history of dance or how dancing is the new way to exercise, but I will urge you to get your groove on for the sake of harmony.

When you dance you can convoke ancestors from long ago and far away and know that you have all shared that same energy, air and movement on the same planet.

The only way to be part of the force that has lived in humans for so long is if you…



Weird Association

Back in high school, a girl who hardly knew me came up to me and said that she often associates people with animals and that she saw me as a llama.


For whatever reason, that has stuck with me over the years. The llama is a useful and social animal that has a great sense of curiosity. I guess that I can be those things, but mostly curious as I see myself primarily as a seeker; a seeker of truth, love, joy and of what makes people tick. The llama is also just under the radar – not a lovable creature, nor unbearably ugly. It doesn’t have anything that makes it top of mind when people are asked to name an animal.

I guess there are worse things to be associated with.


A Pope By Any Other Name

What’s in a name? Well, before I try analyze a text, be it fiction or not, I investigate the history of the author. What is his perspective on things? Where does she come from and what challenges have led her to this piece of writing? We are all made up of our experiences and our surroundings.

Pope Francis chose his name as a reflection on St. Francis of Assisi. If you haven’t watched Brother Sun Sister Moon, I highly recommend it in order to better understand the pope. He had no desire to be in the spotlight, he sees the Vatican for what it is: human, thus flawed; yet, he demands more of its congregation just as St. Francis. He wants the people running the show to live as followers of Christ the Almighty, not followers of the almighty dollar.

Is Pope Francis perfect? Is any human perfect? No, but in the name of the saint that was disgusted in the riches of the church, Pope Francis shows no fear in calling out the greed and corruption that has spread like a virus throughout the institution.

Listen to pieces of his speech:

I hope that the pope will include women as leaders in the church just as St. Francis did in order to bring understanding to the world that a strong faith does not lie in men alone.

(As an aside, I believe God chose a male to represent Him not because He is male Himself, but a man stood a much better chance being listened to 2000 years ago than any woman.)


You Gotta Love It

So, are you gonna love it or list it?

I’m not talking about your home in the fashion of the show of the same name, but the abode in which your soul resides.

Are you going to tweak a few traits and hang ups, or are you going to give up and sell out? Renovating can seem like more work, but there are lessons to be learned in the process that will enlighten you and make you wiser.

Whatever you decide to do with your life, be sure to be kind and forgiving not only with others, but with yourself as well.

I hope you love it!