Buyer Beware

We’re all well aware of the different types of bullies: the school kid that teases and shoves, the office worker that pretends to be your best friend then gossips about you while stealing all your ideas, and the sibling that makes you believe that every thought of yours is dumb-ass.

How about the advertising bullies? Those seductive, word-spinning sneaks! They make you believe that you are worthless without their product. At Christmas time it’s the parents they prey on; sending every mom and dad on a guilt trip making them believe they are less of a parent if their kid is the only one without (insert item here).

As a parent, I know my kids don’t have everything their friends have, but when they do receive a gift, no matter the monetary value, they appreciate it. This will separate them from the rest of their “generation entitlement”.

I urge parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles and friends who buy for children to not be suckered into believing that it is the materials that make the child. Listen to the ads and determine if and how it’s a genius, overpaid bully that’s taking shoving to the next level.


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