Black Friday Rant

I know how to save you 100% off the original price.

Don’t buy CRAP you don’t need!

Oh, but we need a newer, bigger t.v., you say. Well, having a wider screen will not help you better understand the plot. It may, however, help you count the flies on that starving child in the commercials that beg for money to help those who are literally dying for the basic necessities of life.

How about Christmas gifts that I have to buy anyway, you rebut. I can guarantee that most of those people you buy for already have all their needs and most of their wants.

I know, I’m too much. It’s just that it’s very difficult for me to turn a blind eye to the needy individuals that are not only apparent in other countries, but who are often our painfully shy neighbours.

I just ask that you don’t purchase stuff for the sake of a sale, don’t step on your mother to get the last “it” doll of the season, and don’t, for the sake of human dignity, worship the golden calf.


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