Do You Really Know Who You Are?

It’s Wednesday, which means that I’ve made it half way until the next episode of The Walking Dead!

walking dead

People who don’t watch this apocalyptic program don’t comprehend why us fanatics are hooked.

It’s not the zombies, the killings, or the gore. (Although those things add to the sense of immediacy and catastrophic state of matters.)


What keeps me coming back for more is the believable behaviours of human beings when all poop hits the fan. They have ego maniacs and power hungry individuals taking the lead in small societies that have managed to survive the outbreak. Imagine someone you know to be a good talker, a popular person without too much going on upstairs, whose really into something weird on the side: these are the people that are running parts of the remaining few living.

What makes the protagonists different from the rest is that they are able to retain some good integrity and morals, unlike the monsters that rule over the different communities they encounter.

Take part in the poll if you think you know who you are and how you’d react in a gory state of emergency!


One thought on “Do You Really Know Who You Are?

  1. Yes! The human elements of TWD are one of the best parts of the show. I’m currently working on a thesis about the show, if you want to check out my blog, #ifDarylcries. I’m kicking around trying to find articles to link future posts to. Thanks for putting so much thought into your enjoyment of TWD. It helps me not feel so weird.


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