Combustible Huxtable?

Beware the curse of being famous.

I’m not sure why people believe that fame is something to strive for as though it’s a career choice. You can choose to be, for example, a musician because of your love for music, and to earn enough money to make it your career, but fame should not be your goal. We have all witnessed the fragile nature of taking up residence in the celebrity circle.

The latest twitter buzz is over Bill Cosby.

Do some regular folk try to take advantage of wealthy, innocent celebrities? Yes.

Do some celebrities take advantage of their status to do some nasty things to regular folk? Yes.

Really, who longs to be part of that nightmare? Fame may be the necessary evil of being able to do what you love, but I don’t envy that position for a second.

Mr. Cosby’s career, like all those others who share the spotlight, is highly combustible and it only takes one match to make things explode.


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