Think Before You Click

So, I hear that Kim Kardashi-something-or-other is in the “news” again.

I hear people sneering at the very existence of this woman, angry that someone without any real talent seems to get so much attention. I also hear the argument of the feminist movement shifting into reverse whenever she, or any female pop star or celebrity use solely their body to sell themselves.

It makes me unhappy that some women have not yet been educated in understanding that when you use your body parts to find “success” you are deconstructing your whole self to become pieces of something to sell; you are no longer seen as human but rather a thing that someone can own.

How can we ask to have men look at us as complete, equal beings when we are breaking ourselves into sexual marketable packages?

Anyway, I don’t get upset with those women desperate to make a buck. What I do loose my patience with is those you submit to the click bait that makes these lost souls popular in a world that is struggling to find meaning.

Resist the click! Join the movement.


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