Look Past Your Nose and Gain A New Perspective

I love watching this video:

The universe is mind-blowingly immense!

Science has allowed us to see beyond our planet and solar system and in doing so we have answers to some astronomical questions we may have had. Searching beyond Earth to seek out all that makes up the universe really makes sense on so many levels.

I don’t doubt that there is more to us humans that we have yet to discover. When there is a news story or a piece of gossip, there’s usually more than what we are hearing. When someone seems to believe they know it all, we know that there is so much more they need to learn. Nothing really ever is as it appears to our initial physical senses. I think that’s what makes us human.

We may not have the all the answers, but perhaps what we should concentrate on are the questions. Is there anything bigger than a Red Hypergiant? What really happens when we die? And, who really stole the cookie from the cookie jar?




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