Find Your Best Self

When I’m feeling ill, I mean pitifully sick for a long period of time, it’s hard to believe that I’ll ever feel well again. I try to remember that I am more than a physical being, but bodily pain can begin to swallow up your mind and soul if you’re not careful. This is why torture exists –  to break down an individual’s wholeness piece by piece.

Music is one of the ways to meditate and lift the spirits and forget the troubles your body is undergoing. There are many songs that I enjoy, and everyone has their own flavours of music that they gravitate toward. There is one song, however, that I’ve danced to a number of times when I’ve felt so healthy that I felt like I was flying. When I listen to that song, I can recall that sensational feeling and it fills me with hope that my health will be restored and I’ll fly again.

I never take my health for granted. I never take music for granted.

When you’re feeling good, do something powerfully beautiful that you can store in your brain and call upon when needed. Find your best self when you’re at you’re at your worst.


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