Relax and Read a Book

There is something so fulfilling about reading a good novel. You are intimate with the characters, knowing what’s inside their minds (when written in the first person) and getting to be part of their lives without the commitment and comments we normally have to invest in in relationships in real life.

That said, I still have a very emotional attachment to those well rounded protagonists that have a way to stay with you well past the last page of the book. Who wouldn’t want to be friends with Minny from “The Help” or want to visit the refurbished inn found in “A Week In Winter” if only to sit by the fire and chat with the guests.


Unlike a movie, reading stays in your life a bit longer only because it normally takes longer than an hour or two to finish it, and it forces your brain to conjure up the images that the writer attempts to implant in the reader’s mind.

I still love to watch movies, but give me a good book and a cup of tea and (not to sound rude) don’t try to engage in a conversation with me.


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