Clean Home, Clean Mind

I remember reading somewhere that the less clutter you have in your bedroom the easier it is to sleep.

Well, I plan to sleep well tonight because I’ve de-cluttered 5 different areas and filled two garbage bags of stuff of which I plan to get out of the house. It’s quite easy to sift through items in cupboards and closets; if I only I could do that as effortlessly with my brain.

I sometimes hold onto “stuff” in my head instead of dumping it into a garbage bag and sending it packing. Letting go can be hard, but a necessary part of survival. A lot of it has to do with things I wish I did differently. I’m slowly learning to forgive myself and the junk in my brain is lifting. Still, it’s pretty challenging.

What’s most important is to not purchase the same stuff you just threw out of your closet and to learn from the mistakes you made in the past.

It’s time to come clean.


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