What Is Has Not Necessarily Always Been

I sometimes wonder about the origin of certain things. As kids, we believe that the way things are now are the way things have always been. Take for example birthdays. People haven’t always celebrated this annual occasion, and others around the world still don’t. Different cultures and religions consider this type of festivity as bad as sin.

Early century Christians looked upon birthday parties with disgust. They only showed any type of appreciation toward the celebration of saint name days. Some people only celebrate the birthdays of sacred individuals while some prefer to acknowledge the death dates instead.

Regardless of how or if you celebrate a birthday, what I would really like for all of us to explore is the “why”. And, can you really have your cake and eat it too?



Black Friday Rant

I know how to save you 100% off the original price.

Don’t buy CRAP you don’t need!

Oh, but we need a newer, bigger t.v., you say. Well, having a wider screen will not help you better understand the plot. It may, however, help you count the flies on that starving child in the commercials that beg for money to help those who are literally dying for the basic necessities of life.

How about Christmas gifts that I have to buy anyway, you rebut. I can guarantee that most of those people you buy for already have all their needs and most of their wants.

I know, I’m too much. It’s just that it’s very difficult for me to turn a blind eye to the needy individuals that are not only apparent in other countries, but who are often our painfully shy neighbours.

I just ask that you don’t purchase stuff for the sake of a sale, don’t step on your mother to get the last “it” doll of the season, and don’t, for the sake of human dignity, worship the golden calf.

Holding Back To Bake

I’m literally holding myself back from starting my holiday baking. I’m itching to get started because there are so many recipes that I want to try for the first time like:

Flourless Mexican Chocolate Cookies


Neapolitan Cookies


Chocolate Christmas Fudge


Loaded Pretzel Cookies

cookies loaded

and they should all fit nicely into an edible bowl that I will wrap and deliver to some lucky dogs that I call friends.

I believe that variety is the spice of life, (I believe Oscar Wilde was the first to lay claim to that remark) and that can be found in my cookie basket, my variety of skills and even the different types of subjects I blog about.

Obviously, I get bored quickly. Still, I find comfort in keeping some things in my life a constant; this includes my familiar home, my loyal husband, and my yummy, dependable pecan tarts.

Who ‘Elf’ Can Play Buddy?

There are only a handful of movies I like to watch more than once, and one Christmas movie that I insist on watching every holiday season.



Will Farrell is perfect as the innocent, sugar-induced Santa helper. Buddy the elf is easily excitable and executes lines to the point of inducing tears of laughter to the viewer. I personally love his song to his father when he first meets him and when he sings in the store. And who doesn’t bust a gut whenever Buddy gets his sugar fix?

Don’t be a cotton- headed ninny muggins! Watch Elf and put some maple syrup on it!

A Shameless Topical Storm Ad

There are so many songs that we associate with weddings and marriage, but my husband and I came up with a short list of tunes that pertain to this subject. I bet there are songs that you would NEVER have chosen, some that are obvious to you and a few that you would strongly agree to having made the list.

We didn’t stop there though; we also had a few things to say about this topic of formalized unions on our radio show. We also threw in a couple of movie sound bites and our personal marriage advice.

Check us out – your relationship depends on it!



Is It “Technically” Love?

The digital device, be it handheld, laptop, or desktop, has become the new member of the family. I’d go as far as to say that it is everyone’s favourite member of the family. Here’s why:

1. You want to be with it all the time.

2. You bring it almost every where you go, including vacations.

3. It’s the first one you share your joys and pains with.

4. It’s where you go for advice about anything from health to relationships.

5. It doesn’t hurt your feelings.

Is this why we’ve shifted from face time to interface time?

Inventors and scientists are working hard to create robots that behave as humans. Perhaps they should be looking for ways to make humans behave like robots.

Do You Really Know Who You Are?

It’s Wednesday, which means that I’ve made it half way until the next episode of The Walking Dead!

walking dead

People who don’t watch this apocalyptic program don’t comprehend why us fanatics are hooked.

It’s not the zombies, the killings, or the gore. (Although those things add to the sense of immediacy and catastrophic state of matters.)


What keeps me coming back for more is the believable behaviours of human beings when all poop hits the fan. They have ego maniacs and power hungry individuals taking the lead in small societies that have managed to survive the outbreak. Imagine someone you know to be a good talker, a popular person without too much going on upstairs, whose really into something weird on the side: these are the people that are running parts of the remaining few living.

What makes the protagonists different from the rest is that they are able to retain some good integrity and morals, unlike the monsters that rule over the different communities they encounter.

Take part in the poll if you think you know who you are and how you’d react in a gory state of emergency!